The Homegrown String Band
The Family That Plays Together - A  Postmodern  Neo-Traditional  Old-Time String Band

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Homegrown String Band Trio

High Energy Acoustic American Roots Music in Solo, Duo, or Trio, Configurations

What People Are Saying About HGSB

"Their devotion to their craft and way of life is obvious, this family is breathing fresh life into the American folk tradition at a time when our nation's roots are so often forgotten.”- Sarah Craig, Manager, Caffe Lena

"A highly enjoyable recording by a real family band!” - Tom Druckenmiller, Sing Out! magazine

"The spirit of the Carter Family is alive and well in this Rocky Point NY quartet.” 

- Brian Fostervold, "Shout Brother Shout," WXCI

"Loved your music: great songs and arrangements. Your family is a Long Island treasure.” 

- James Faith, James Faith Entertainment

"The Homegrown String Band™ has institutionalized the performance, creation, and support of America's traditional musics. A family band, the tightness born of DNA is razor's edge and the musicianship is of the caliber of virtuosity.”  - Dr. Blues, LI  Blues Society

"There's something special about the music a family creates together. The harmonies, the timing, the spirit breathe as one. And so it is with the Homegrown String Band™ . . . whether you classify their sound as Americana, bluegrass, folk, or old-time country . . . they are not only dedicated to keeping a classic tradition alive, they are advancing it . . . testifying to the power and joy of music made by a real family band.”

- Bill Dahl, author, "Motown: The Golden Years" & "The Art of the Blues"

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