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Party in the Henhouse CD
Party in the Henhouse:
Field Recordings Vol II 2020

Nashville Blues
Waiting for a Train
Darling Cory
Party in the Henhouse
Twa Sisters
Already Home
Boy Who Wouldn't Hoe Corn
Wild Northland
Barbara Allen
The Elfin Knight
Mojo Clark
Gonna Lay Down My Old Guitar

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"Twa Sisters" - from the Party in the Henhouse - Field Recordings: Volume II


Field Recordings: Vol. I           
Field Recordings:
Vol I 2015              

The Cuckoo
Family Band Democracy
Till the End of Time
Nobody Waiting Back Home
When the Apples Bloom in NY  
Wayfaring Stranger
Deep Elum Blues
Be Here Now
Wild Bill Jones
Keep on the Sunnyside
I Know You Rider
Mama Was a Radio
Nine Pound Hammer

$12.00  USD
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"The Cuckoo" - from the Field Recordings: Volume I

Ragged but Right CD
Ragged but Right 2007

Goin' Round the World
Don"t Let Your Deal Go Down
Take Me Away
Praying for Spring
A minor Catastrophe
Shady Grove
When the Apples Bloom in NY
The Man Who Dressed in Black
Ball and Chain
Life is Hard
Darlin' Corey

$12.00  USD
Free Shipping

U.S. Addresses only

"Don't Let Your Deal Go Down" - from  Ragged but Right 

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Party in the Henhouse - Field Recordings: Volume II- 2020
Field Recordings: Volume I - 2015
Ragged but Right - 2007
Rock Hollow - 2004
Big Fork Little Fork - 2002
Blind Dog Thumpin' on the Porch - 2000

Five of our CDs are available at HGSB shows or by mail . The Rock Hollow  CD is SOLD OUT

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